Maintaining and improving product quality is one of the fundamental principles of Eversolid's work. After all, our products fill your working temple where you spend almost a third of your life. Therefore, everything should be at a high level, no compromises.


It all starts with the ideation, where we test dozens of hypotheses, creating numerous sketches and working mockups. As a result of thorough testing, we launch into production only proven and refined solutions that not just look beautiful, but above all, perform a function—make your workflow more comfortable.


We pay special attention to natural materials. Solid wood, metal, felt and cork—these four elements make up the balance of the perfect Eversolid product. Thanks to well-chosen materials, our products look expensive on the table, stand undisturbed, are pleasant to the touch and do not leave scratches on surfaces and equipment. Everything is done so that at work you feel that you are really doing something important and special. And you, indeed, deserve to surround yourself with the highest level of comfort at work.


The value of any idea is tested by its execution. Therefore, from the selection of materials to the shipment of finished products, our products go through five stages of quality control. And if there are any questions, our support service will quickly help you solve them.

All this is done so that we can be proud of our work, and you have the confidence that you are creating a real creative way for yourself.

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