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A well-designed and functional workspace can improve productivity and enhance the overall work experience. Whether you are a freelancer, entrepreneur, or creator, having the right setup is crucial. In this collection, we offer a range of home office accessories designed to comfortise your space.

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MO:SH™ Adjustable Monitor Shelf
Sale priceFrom $119.00
LA:RI™ Laptop Riser
Sale price$120.00
LA:ST™ Laptop Stand
Sale price$120.00
Wooden headset stand
Sale price$60.00
PH:ST™ - Phone Stand
Sale price$35.00
LA:DO™ Laptop Dock
Sale price$50.00
Wood desk tray for small things storage
Sale price$35.00
GL:TR™ Glass tray
Sale price$30.00
Sold out
Wood pen tray for desk with metal glass
Sale price$35.00
Pencil tray for desk
Sale price$30.00
WR:RE™ Wrist Rest
Sale priceFrom $35.00
Leather desk mat
Sale priceFrom $50.00
HA:SHS™ Hanging Shelf Short
Sale priceFrom $25.00
HA:SHL™ Hanging Shelf Long
Sale priceFrom $29.00
CA:LA™ Cable Layer
Sale price$25.00
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Ways to Create a Human-Friendly Office

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