LA:RI™ Laptop Riser

Experience enhanced ergonomics and comfort while working with a laptop riser. It's also perfect for those who use a laptop and a monitor at the same time.

Sale price$120.00

Color: Light Wood/Black

Gentle on the neck and eyes

Ease neck and eye strain while working with LA:RI that raises your laptop to a comfortable level, promoting proper posture and reducing pain. It is also very important if you working at a laptop and a monitor to place both screens at the same height. This is ideally achieved with LA:RI.

Frees up extra space

Works perfectly in combination with MO:SH — adjustable monitor shelf. Specially made to save more desk space for creativity and new ideas. Simply slide it into the MO:SH and both of your screens will not only be at the same height, but also in the same plane. No matter the size of your laptop, LA:RI is designed to accommodate both small and large diagonals for comfortable placement.

Goodlooking furniture

LA:RI looks futuristic and classic at the same time. The curved design of the contact plane with a laptop improves ventilation and prevents overheating for better performance. The stand is available....

Handcrafted with Love

Made in Ukraine

Worldwide shipping

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