MO:SH™ Adjustable Monitor Shelf

Add comfort and keep a healthy posture with a monitor stand! Adjust the height you need and work without distractions when everything has it's place.

Sale price$179.00

Width: XL
Color: Light Wood/Black

Adjust Your Comfort

Work in comfort, regardless of your height or professional habits. 0.5" adjustment step allows you to easily fit the stand to the perfect height for your posture and setup needs. The shelf legs are adjusted in just a few moves making easy routine.

Your Perfect Size

Whether you need to hold one or two monitors, a midi keyboard or a Mac mini, we have a size that will fit your needs. Our stand is available in 5 different sizes, ranging from super compact to a table lengh one. With its sleek design and wide variety of colors, our stand will add a touch of style to any home or office.

Extra Extra Space

Thanks to adjustable height, you also get extra space under the monitor to free up even more space on your desk. In addition to give you extra extra space, we have developed HA:SH — hanging shelf system, which turns the monitor shelf MO:SH into a professional desk-rack, where all the things necessary for work are at arm's length.

Just choose the convenient size for your needs with 4 hanging shelves size options.

Meet MO:SH System

Handcrafted with Love

Made in Ukraine

Worldwide shipping

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