PE:TR™ Pen Tray

Jot down notes or sign important documents? Do your thing without distractions while looking for pens as they are in order and always at hand with a pen tray

Sale price$30.00

Color: Light Wood/Black
Wooden pen tray

Everything at hand

When it is necessary that pens, liners, markers and pencils do not roll on the table, but lie at hand in order — PE:TR is there. It provides a designated place for your writing instruments which makes your workspace tidy and allows avoid distractions while searching for them when they are needed. Additionally, the tray's compact design enables storage in a space-saving way.

Solid Style

The heavyweight design of the pen tray is made of solid wood with a cork lining that prevents sliding on the table and keeps the surface intact. Set creative order for pen-like objects in one of four Eversolid collection colors.

Handcrafted with Love

Made in Ukraine

Worldwide shipping

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