PE:TRV™ Pen Tray Vertical

Keep your pens at hand and the workspace tidy with a pen tray, making it easier to get things done in less time.

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Color: Light Wood/Black

Fancier Pen Holder

It's a pencil cup like from childhood, but much better. Thanks to its heavy weight and solid metal plate, it is standing still without turning over, even when you put all your brushes, scissors, wrench, and plumb line in it or take them out.

Right Place For Writing Tools

A pen tray is a great helper to organize your workspace. With every item having its own designated place, clutter is cleared up, so you don't have to look for anything, distracting from work. Plus, the tray allows you to store pens and pencils compactly by placing them vertically in the glass.

Matching Style

PE:TRV Pen Tray is designed with additional tray for small things, where erasers, sticky notes or keys fit perfectly. Available in four colors to match perfectly with other comfortizng furniture from Eversolid.

Handcrafted with Love

Made in Ukraine

Worldwide shipping

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