8 Desk Organisation Practices to Work More Productively

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Productivity starts with the comfort of your working area. If you organize the space smartly and conveniently you will be able to focus on your tasks better and reach your goals easier. It doesn’t matter if you work from the office or your home,there is an easy way to prepare your desk for productive work using the tips we are going to share below. All you need is a desk and a few simple but very special furniture items able to take your comfortisation to a new level.

8 tips for smart working space organization

Today we will not only share useful tips on how to organize your desk for work but also show you exclusive products that were created for your maximum comfort. Do you want to enjoy your every working day? Then get ready to implement the following.

1. Declutter your desk

The first thing we recommend you do is to remove everything that does not take part in your working process. Books, remotes, tea cups, sunglasses - these are things we usually put on a table, however, they are surely not the essential items on your working desk and that makes it cluttered pretty soon. Conduct a sort of inventory and make your desk free from things that don’t relate to your work.

2. Make sure all necessary things are at hand   

When you finally remove the items that should not be on your desk, think about the ones you need. Prepare everything you require for effective work every day, e.g. your laptop, monitor and keyboard, headphones, other gadgets, and accessories. Try to keep them on your desk in such a way you can reach them fast when you need them without overcoming long distances or other obstacles.

3. Organize your working space

Every item needs to have its place. Proper organization is the king, and in this case, modern furniture add-ons will help you. For example, you can use the MOSH Monitor Shelf. There are two main benefits of using such a solution: your monitors will be placed at the best fitting height for you to work comfortably and you will win some extra space under the shelf you can use for storing your smartphone, sticky notes, or anything else that should be a bit hidden but accessible at the same time.

4. Go digital

You might need to make notes using not only your laptop but just an ordinary pen and a notebook. It helps you distract from gadgets for a bit, somehow structure the data and even give your creativity a go. But don’t overdo it because your desk will turn into a huge pile of papers before you know it. Digitize your schedule and calendar, set important notifications on your phone, and use specific software to make important records. But if you write something down rather often, don’t forget to review your notes and shred the ones you no longer need. 

5. Boost comfort 

When you organize items on your desk, think about the way you will use them. If you set everything with the most comfort you will be able to work productively feeling better both mentally and physically. For example, LARI Laptop Stand was designed specifically for those who wish to work productively even during the whole day - it allows you to put your laptop in such a way you won’t feel any discomfort in your neck as well as back pain. The ultimate height will also be good for your eyes, so the working process will turn into a comfortable journey. 

6. Use your desk only for work

You might have limited time to have lunch or drink coffee, so you can sometimes do it while working. But you better go out and have a rest leaving your desk in order as it should be. Or your family members or colleagues might use your desk for their purposes while you are away, and you will have to clean up the mess after them. That’s bad practice. Make your desk a sacrosanct place used for productive work only. Ask others to respect your rules and don’t ruin the order you once created.  

7. Put every item in its place

To work more efficiently and quickly find everything you need we recommend you always put all your things in their places. Make it the main rule and you’ll see what happens. For instance, it will be much more convenient to keep your headphones on HEST Headphones Stand rather than leaving them just elsewhere. Moreover, thus you will be sure they are kept safe and won’t be damaged in any way. We also recommend you use PETR Pen Tray for smart stationery storage to avoid it being scattered all over the desk. Such an easy but very powerful practice. Try it, and you’ll love it!

8. Clean it regularly

Once you organize your desk wisely it is crucial to keep such order once and for all. If you use the recommendations mentioned above it will be easy for you to maintain order. However, we all know that sometimes you might get so overwhelmed by the incoming tasks and so excited about the goals you are striving to achieve that you neither have time nor enthusiasm to get your desk back to its original state at the end of the working day. Anyway, try to declutter and keep your desk tidy on a regular basis because a messy working area can bring chaos to your mind and demotivate you once again.  

The takeaways

We don’t push you to turn your desk into a sterile ascetic place. You can put your favorite things around or hang photos of your beloved if you wish to but do it in such a way these things won’t make it hard to work effectively. If you keep your workplace in order and position every item wisely you will stay focused and save your time which is crucial for successful task accomplishment. The tips we shared and the products we recommend to you imply the perfect combination to boost your productivity and enjoy your work with the most comfort. Start making changes today to be more successful tomorrow!

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